Monday, February 11, 2008

James Brown and Banana Leather

Hope that zip tie keeps the lovely basket in place. Every day they're getting closer to cute, and doesn't dad James Brown look proud?

I've been allergic to bananas since I was about 26. I had to rush to the emergency room looking like Alligator Woman at that time.

I've never eaten one since then.

But while I was driving Jon to the airport this morning, before dawn, we heard an NPR story on bananas. And I thought, "It's a shame they can't make leather out of bananas, because it would be so soft, and yellow, and guilt free." And I imagined this being the most signifigant thought of my life, and how I'd discovered leather to make even a peta nut happy.

(I'm working on finishing up a new cartoon so I' m extra wiggy I guess.)

Roosters at Lake Balboa are still fine. In fact I saw them chasing some coots.


Namowal said...

Banana leather! Now there's a tempting thought. I'd even settle for faux bannana leather if had the look and texture of the real things.
Now I'm wondering what would happen if I googled "banana leather..."
Hi to J.B. and his brood. He does look proud.

lin said...

banana leather 'Monaco' shoulder bag: retail value $625.00
(b. leather may be soft, yello, and guilt free but apparently it doesn't come cheap.)

James Brown is one proud Pappa all right.

p.s. How did the cartoon go? Sorry about the interruptions!!

Sally said...

But Linda, I meant leather made from banana skins, but you probable realized that. hey, a friend of a friend of mine was married to Mr. Mellow Yellow.