Saturday, February 02, 2008

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

James Brown the white King Pigeon, named by Linda Davick in a contest a while ago, has been sharing custody of two eggs with his little friend the un-named pigeon.

This morning when I went in to the aviary to check on things, I noticed the pigeon looked unusually fluffy. I had my camera with me because it seemed as if it should be time.

And here's what I saw. Miniature condors? They must have been born last night!


Namowal said...

I'm glad his baguettes hatched safe and sound. Have you determined who's the mom and who's the dad?
By coincidence, the animation I'm working on features a pigeon. Maybe J.B. was a subconscious influence.

sally said...

Congratulations to everyone!

Sally said...

I'm not going to start naming them yet because you never know with mixed species whether the babies will make it. Both parents have been unusually intense on the eggs. Not sure which one is mom and which dad.