Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some Came Running

Here are my rooster buds running to meet me at dawn. The second one's behind the tree and hasn't caught up yet, but he's on his way.

Tasty chicken mash! Then they tried to follow me around the lake. I had to run to lose them! So I've become another nutty bird lady.

To prove it:

These doves are still asking to be fed but they're getting to be bigger than our chickens!

And something new to sit on:

New vintage sunglasses I bought on Ebay, shipped all the way from Germany.

they won't last long!


Linda said...

I told Sal that she made Molly's eyebrows look like human eyebrows...but they ARE human eyebrows. Sorry, Sal!

Anonymous said...

"Some Came Running"...I have always loved the title (never read/seen it)....same for From Here to Eternity. Perfect blog header. Who are those roosters?...Frank and Dean?...nah...sounds rather stiff....Molly loves your sunglasses. Molly wants your sunglasses. ----Katy

Sally said...

Hey Katy, I couldn't remember where the phrase "Some Came Running" was from until your post and I looked it up. And you're right, "From Here to Eternity" is a great blog header. A phrase you just hear, but when you really think about it...

The roosters were somebody's drop offs about two weeks ago. I never thought they'd live so long at Lake Balboa, with all the coyotes, raccoons, hawks and barbecue lovers. They're small roosters, must have been someone's pets until they started crowing. I'm thinking maybe a woman's pets, the way they've fixed on me.

They can spot me far away now and come running. I've had to change my "usual route." I do take them chicken mash every day but today they were more interested in running after me than in the mash, which the crowds of coots then consumed.

Namowal said...

Whoever dumped those chickens was mean, especially considering they seem to be bonded to human beings. They're lucky you're taking care of them.
J.B.'s kids are looking great. Funny how one turned out grey, the other white.

sal said...

I thought I commented but maybe it didn't "take." Pat would love those glasses; he had some smaller framed retro ones like that. I was driving down the road recently and passed a truck with a bunch of cages of chickens next to it like maybe they were for sale, but I couldn't stop to find out.

Anonymous said...

Very cute and stylish in your vintage sunglasses!