Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We saw the Seals

On the spur of the moment we drove up to Cambria on Sunday to see the elephant seals. It was prime season. The moms were just finishing up nursing the pups, the bulls were challenging each other, and some mating was going on too. I got so many great photos I hardly know what to do with them all. I loaded some of them to flickr.

I was a bit shaky when I switched my still camera to video, but here's one good shot of the bulls challenging. These animals weigh several thousand pounds! Be sure to turn the sound on too.

We stayed at the Cambria Shores Inn, facing the ocean. They welcome dogs there, and have a special gift basket for the dogs when you arrive. It's a nice place-- in the morning they hang your breakfast in a basket outside your door.


Linda said...

Sally, those photos are incredible. I never really had heard about this animal. Their flippers look like hands with fingers. (on flickr). Beautiful funny faces.

oooooh but the inn sounds really wonderful too. Did Molly have a blast? I want one of those breakfast baskets NOW!

Namowal said...

Yes nice photos. You're brave to get so close to those big galoots.
Elephant seals, particularly the males, are like cartoon characters. The look ridiculous, but seem to take themselves very seriously- like the "do you hear me?" one on flicker. He wants the world to know that he has something to say.

Fearless Freep said...

Some nice stills. One of the bulls looks like he was quite a fighter. I was expecting more of a roar than the funny sounds you recorded. Maybe I was thinking of a different pinniped.

sal said...

Great photos! I love "aerobics" and then "r-e-s-p-e-c-t" and "I'm coming, I'm coming." "Sally and the Seals" is amazing: seeing so many of them on the beach!

Sally said...

Linda, Molly didn't enjoy it as much as we did, because she had to stay in the car at the elephant seal beaches, and when I walked her before dawn she found the waves breaking a worrisome thing.

The food in the breakfast baskets was just something to eat, but the delivery style was very Easter Bunny.

Namowal, you stand on a ridge about five feet above them, with chain link fencing at their favorite spot. You're very close to truly wild animals, yet you're safe also.

Very unusual to be that close to such a large group of LARGE wild animals.

Fearless, they didn't roar but rather had a rat tat tat drum sound.

Sally, it would be funny if you had a drawing of one of these in the midst of your dog series! (just kidding.)

sal said...

Maybe I can change the show title to "Varmints and Critters."

Sally said...

no- it would scare off everybody who was phobic, thinking you'd have bugs or rats!