Wednesday, March 26, 2008

10 Year Old Beatnik

ah the beret, the sweatshirt, the sea urchin quill on a string.

Get me Jack Kerouac.

The weird thing about this picture is that it was taken at an event both Jon and I attended, though we didn't meet until twenty years later.


Anonymous said...

Dear time traveler, what was the event, where? Is there a photo of Jon on that day? Strange marvels all about, with and without photo records.

Jesse said...

Yep, there's that "I'm going to eat you for breakfast" look of cold ambition that I think I've caught glimpses of in some of your other photos.

When you were this age, did you enjoy playing the villian more than the damsel or the hero, pray tell? :)

Namowal said...

Yes, what event was this?
Remarkable coinkidink that Jon was there too.
You do seem to have a calculating expression on your face. Were you up to something?

Linda said...

I love this photo. It makes up for any kind of photo that ill-mannered photographer from the last post could have taken. And even though you say you didn't meet until 20 years later, I'm sure Jon caught a glimpse of you here, fell in love and remained celibate until he could meet you properly.

Sally said...

Jesse, I loved your "eat you for breakfast" comment.

It was at a Cooper Hospital Fundraiser, a giant carnival with horse show and old car show. Jon's mother helped put the event on. Jon was in a tent running old cartoons on a 16mm projector. My family was there with the Classic Car Club. I only remember watching the horses and looking at the cars, but who knows, maybe I even wandered into the tent?

Funny, those cars were only 20-30 years old at the time but already seemed from a whole other age.

Linda said...

I wondered if that shape behind you was a horse. I cannot believe that Jon was in a tent showing old cartoons. That is just too much.

Sally said...

I know it sounds made up but Jon and I have deep Jersey roots and this is one of them.

stray g said...

To me it just reinforces that you two were meant to be together.