Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Look Back

I was actually looking for an old panoramic egg postcard that I can remember so well, but when you have a couple of thousand cards to look through it's easy to get distracted, as I did here.

That's the most teetery rock I think I've seen. What do you suppose their relationship was? Is this one of those old Berkeley lady/sherpa romances from 100 years ago? I like how the rock resembles the hats.

You'd think I would have turned it over to read the message! Well I did that today, and it's not South of the Border, it's Garden of the Gods in Colorado, with this message, June 13, 1910,:
"Sunday Morning
Affived in Salt Lake yesterday afternoon. Have not been out enough to see how the city looks. Going out to take dinner with Prof. Davis and his wife today. This picture was taken in the Gareden of the Gods, Colorado Springs. I hope to hear from you soon.

Lovingly, Harriet"

According to Sally G.'s cousin, who lives nearby and was asked if the rock was still there:
"It sure is! The people are gone, tho."


Jesse said...

I like how one of the horses (donkeys?) has an umbrella rolled up above his head, gives one an impression of a unicorn. ;)

sal said...

It does look like the rock is on their heads.

Sally said...

I wonder if the rock is still in place, now that I've discovered it's in Garden of the Gods, Colorado.

sal said...

I've been there! Lovely place. My cousin in Colorado Springs took me.

Namowal said...

That's one rock I want to jump up and down next to...!

Namowal said...

That's one rock I want to jump up and down next to...!

Anonymous said...

"take dinner." I love it.