Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One More for the Road

I came upon this weird silkscreen I did my last year in college and thought it deserved a post. I'm packing up, and we'll see if I post from Florida, no telling how that will go.

While looking through papers, I also came upon this amazing line-up from a beach club at Myrtle Beach, summer of 67. As you can see I went there with Bob Kluttz. We saw Marvin Gaye and he was great. Be sure to read the bottom line.


Linda said...

We'll miss you. Stay in touch!

sal said...

Wow. Martha and the Vandellas, too.
Did you secure any entertainers?

Mean Jean said...

"Secure"? With bungee cords, perhaps?

Namowal said...

Whoa, trippy silkscreen! I like it!
Have a fun trip (and a triumphant speech!)