Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday at Santa Anita

Hey, guess who we put money on? And got money back!

And Colonel John, with his tongue out, paid well too. He may be on the way to the K. Derby.

Great day. I'll write more about Hungarians tomorrow!

(Prius girls in the mist)


Namowal said...

It must be winner's week in the blog universe. Congrats!

Sally said...

We weren't all round lucky but it was fun to make money on those races.

Right after the second picture was taken we rushed to get on the skinny escalator back to our seats. It was raining lightly.

Turning around, I saw a friend from long ago who's a racetrack trainer, and was Pepper's best rider, when I was first figuring out how to ride jumpers. We said hello across the crowd, and I told Pepper about it today when I went to see him. This rider was a figure in the early stories about Whinsey and the racetrack.

The parking lot was filled with drunk and fat gang members, starting to get angry, which was a bit unsettling.

Loud and truly insulting name calling going on.

There were five girls who looked mega sleazy leaning on Jon's Prius when we got there. I wanted to take their picture, but I wanted to get in the car even more.

Later I thought if I'd told them they looked beautiful they would have posed for me. They did look beautiful in their own scary sleazy way.

Linda said...

Good Time Sally! Spend the money on something fun. What will it be?

It's always unnerving to find a group sitting around/having a party on your car. In a way, I'm glad we have the Nebulous now. Though I could tell that Roger (visiting from Santa Monica) was visibly shaken to have to ride in it back to his B&B.

Anonymous said...

The poetry of the card, the thrill of adjacent names, loaded with meaning, of course. But what meaning? Has to mean money. Makes me wanna dress minor sleazy and go to the track.---Katy

Sally said...

Katy, It's always fun to go to the track, but this day was a little dreamy and goofy.