Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Watching the Nerv-o-Meter

Yesterday was our anniversary and I got these gorgeous roses delivered. eeks. tanks!

On Thursday I'm flying to Gainesville for a comics conference, and the nervometer is definitely kicking in. I'm scheduled for a 1 1/2 hour talk. Phoebe Gloeckner will also be there. I loved her "Diary of a Teenage Girl." I also remember her mother. There's a lot of sex talk on the menu at this conference. Good thing I just made "Whinsey on the Phone." I haven't done a presentation since before Dinah was born I think.

Here's a close up from a large etching I did in college. The symbolism is now so clear to me, but at the time a mystery image. Etchings were such a kick, sticking the needle in the thin layer above the plate, everything reversed. Anachronism times ten. Hey are those spotted Chows pulling the egg? (I studied Medieval Art in college-- great backup in life, yeah, but yeah.)

Taking my dear tablet computer along to Florida, just crossing my fingers that it plays the dvds-- otherwise I'll be rambling about, uh, panoramic eggs or something.

Here's a full version of the etching. It's large.

Although I never thought of symbols while creating it, I see it as dealing with my father's death- the egg, the Lincoln like figure, (he looked like Lincoln), the Packard heading towards the egg. My old house is off in far right, and in distance that castle maybe represented Germany, where I was going to spend my junior year. Not sure about the deer, maybe it's the Bambi lost parent thing, and a figure in the distant mountains was related to some saint, Eustace? who saw Jesus in the horns of a stag. If you study medieval art you have to also study Biblical stories because there's so much symbolism.


Linda said...

The roses are STUNNING.

Sally, you're the keynote speaker! But the nervometer doesn't need to kick in. In that interview that was on YouTube--where did it go? In that interview, you're cool as a cucumber. Just promise me that if an old pal asks you to go across the street to get a beer while your DVD is playing, that you'll say no.

You'll get to stay in a great hotel and have little soaps and tiny bottles of shampoo? And an honor bar? It will be such a pleasure having your laptop.

We need to see the etching closer up. Tell me a little about the symbolism; nothing is ever clear to me unless it's spelled out.

sal said...

Those roses are incredible!!! Hoa many? I lost count. Have a great trip!!! They will love hearing you speak. I never saw the YouTube interview!!!

sal said...

That conference program is something else! Hope you'll be on YouTube afterward.

sg said...

Just found 1980 interview on YouTube. Excellent!

Namowal said...

Don't bite the soap! ;)
Seriously, that's way cool that you're giving a big speech at a comics conference. And I thought I was a big shot because I lead a Toastmaster's meeting yesterday. You win.
Like Linda, I want to see a close up of the etching. I'm symbolism-impaired too, please elaborate.

Sally said...

How do you guys find the conference info so easily and I have to scrub through old emails every time to find it? Funny. Namowal, it's much harder speaking to small groups than to large groups, and when you have a big load of films to show, and fidget with the dvd setup time plus questions, how much do you really need to say?

Don't bite the soap-- hahahahaha!

Fearless Freep said...

Don't let your nerves get the better of you. From my short exposure to you it seems you have a very rich history in some of the scenes that I have nostalgic memories. If it is any consolation, try the old cliche remedy for the fear of speaking in public, picturing your audience in their underwear. You may as well, they are doing the same to you. Heeeheee. Hope that helped.