Friday, April 25, 2008

Draw it and Send It!

I've taken a peek at some of the drag and drops because they sit on my server, a maximum of 100. Just now I've put them in a show for all, because they are a treat. There are no ids except for one or two cards I received. See them in the original post. One especially delighted me.

I woke up from a dream thinking about an app. I dreamed (in Flash) that a teacher was standing in front of an outdoor cartoon classroom (funny animals) with a little easel and the dream was something about how the students thought what she was teaching was the most wondrous thing ever. I wanted to draw a minimal background and let you guys do the wondrous part, but I got stuck trying to include a background. May happen in the days ahead though.

In another dream I was told turn right at "O" street, then left at "K" street. "OK"!

So today I worked on this drawing postcard app, of course this is the kind of thing where the dirty pictures all start showing up, but maybe not in this dignified group who visits my site.

I found a charming house sitter today, so that's one major problem solved, and someone kicked the bucket at the old folks home so a room is available for my mother. I'm leaving Wednesday for quite a few days of intensive packing and moving-- timed it perfectly as I already had the plane reservation. But you hate to sound too jolly about this sort of opportunity. "Oh, someone died upstairs? In a big room? Great!"

okay enough at the keyboard, let's see if this drawing thing works. again, NOT a contest. I'm too busy.


Sally said...

Linda and Namowal, I got your wondrous cards. Love how you used multiple colors and painterly styles, YES!

And further Rumplestiltskin moment: Just now, ten minutes before lights out, I figured out how to add a background to the draw it picture, so tomorrow expect to see a card you can draw into. maybe I'll do a contest, just maybe.

About Rumplestiltskin moments: Flash Actionscript 3 remains so peculiar to me a year and a half later that I'm always just clicking in some code, hitting ctrl enter, or F12, and waiting to see what comes down. (how many errors it will report to me.)

So when suddenly what I want appears on the screen, it's so amazing, such a Rumplestiltskin moment.

(Wasn't that the fairy tale where someone had to guess the magic word?)

a dignified visitor said...

Those Rumplestiltskin moments--there's nothing like them. I had one once in 1973.

When you wrote "no ids except for one or two cards I received," I thought you were talking in Freudian terms, and I was hoping my card wasn't too egotistical.

What were the clues that made you know you had found a good house sitter?

Those are great dreams.

Hooray! I can't believe that someone kicked the bucket, and right on schedule!

stray g said...

I feel so far behind on my homework! I haven't even dragged and dropped a card yet, but I will soon! Yes, glad to hear your mom has a room! Have a good visit with her. Just appreciate the little quirky moments, and it can be a precious if exhausting time. When my heart was breaking because we had just put Dad in the nursing home, I remember feeling such relief (and humor) when he told me (in all seriousness and sincerity), "I'm impressed with the accommodations!" as if he were at a country club or Versailles! It's what impresses one about the generation that survived the Depression: they just appreciate everything. (Of course, after sundown he thought he was in jail or being fired upon or waiting to get a tired repaired.)

Mean Jean said...

You have the best toys.