Sunday, April 13, 2008

Princess Nutso and her two goats

This horse puts a spin on high strung. Grand Tiara lives with two goats. They even travel by trailer to horse shows. When Tia leaves the stall the goats bleat like mad. They've all lived together about ten years now. The goats are sisters. This footage is straight from the camera at Ram Tap. Sound on Please!

This is Nicole: BAAD!

and this is Margarethe:BAADER!


Linda said...

This is very funny.

Tom insisted that you looped Tia; but we have to believe you when you say this is straight from the camera.

How was Dinah?

Sally said...

It's not looped, in fact there was more footage but I cut it at the drums' finish. I experimented doing a loop so I could play more of the music but then it's not so funny since it's faked. I wish I'd shot more at the time.

(horse show story later.)

Namowal said...

Maybe the horse knows she's in Fresno and is rightly freaked out?
The goats are so cute- I like how you can see their hoofs propped up against the top of the stall. I'm sure they consider the horse part of their pack, and flip when she's gone the way a small kid flips when he can't find his/her parents.

Sally said...

The goats ARE so cute. At first I was heartbroken that they didn't seem to remember me, but by the third day they were letting me pet them and rub them, which they don't allow most people to do. I think that like Dinah and Tia they were also rather nervous about the new scene. I brought them vegetable crackers and pita bread.