Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

We won't be at the racetrack today-- we'll be at airports- three of them. We'll spend the night in Campbell River.

For some reason I've had nightmares about big Mrs. Butterworth syrup bottles all week. Probably symbolic after visiting my mother. Although she's never been heavy and is now 93, for many years while she lived alone she ate a pound of butter or more a week.


stray g said...

Funny about the dreams. Seems like I recall a beach trip once where I collected lots of beach trash so Linda could make art with it. (Linda, didn't I find a Mrs. Butterworth's bottle with stuff glued all over it?)

Linda said...

Stray G, I think I do remember something like that! How funny to find re-found art.

Sally: I HATE svelte people who eat a pound of butter a week. That's really not fair. But I know your mother's a nice person, and funny to boot. You can probably eat like that too and still wear your Not My Daughters jeans. Not me.

Namowal said...

That's odd, I had dreams about traveling and vacations last night. Maybe there was a mix up on the dream switchboard?
The talking Mrs. Butterworth bottle always seemed odd to me. I've never met someone who wanted me to screw off the top of their head and pour their contents onto pancakes before. Too bad they retired those old talking Parkay Margerine adds. That'd make a good spoof if the Parkay cup and Mrs. Butterworth kept interrupting each other and got into a fight...

Mean Jean said...

Maybe you just need to sit down and eat a plateful of pancakes. Blueberry ones.

namowal gets my vote for writing commercials. I might actually un-TiVo myself and watch one.

My least-nice sister has the metabolism of a racehorse. She eats and eats and is still a size 6.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.

Linda said...

I don't remember the talking Parkay, but remember how you used to make 3-D postcards out of Land O Lakes butter boxes so that the Indian Girl's breasts appeared? Amy Sedaris demonstrates this when she gives a reading. The Indian Girl's breasts look as big as Mrs. Butterworth's. A good spoof would be of Mrs. Butterworth and the Land O Lake Indian Girl competing in a wet tshirt contest at Bada Bing.

Mean Jean, if it's your least-nice sister, I bet she only eats that way when she's around others. And when she's not with others I bet she never eats anything.

Mean Jean said...

linda, I never thought of that! I've been to buffets with her where she'd eat, unsnap her jeans and eat more.

Julia Child used to say you should eat at least 2 tbspns. of saturated fat a day.