Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures from Knight's Inlet

There are a lot of pictures here, but I thought I'd post them in a slide show. View what you want.

Here's a link to the same pictures bigger, on flickr.


Linda said...

Those black bears look so soft.
And the people you're with look really nice.
But didn't you take any photos of the inside of your cedar-lined room at the floating lodge?

Namowal said...

Black Bears and Grizzlies and ceder and ferns and waterfalls and rocks and ospreys and Eagles? Wow! I even liked the window full of transformers.
Thanks for posting (and labeling) so many pictures.

Sally said...

Linda, there's a picture of the room if you go to page 9 (eek) too many pictures to peel through...

The rooms were very plain-- not a chocolate on the pillow place-- even the soap and shampoo in the dispenser (no little bottles) seemed industrial.

But it's a little paradise there, if grizzly bears are part of your idea of paradise.

I noticed the Flash slide show masks the full composition of the shots, but you can drag the pictures to see them more fully.

Thanks for looking at them. I put them all up on flickr, the picture site I use infrequently. My screen name there is Big Chicken.

When we first got off the boat they had freshly baked chocolate eclairs stuffed with vanilla custard on a big help yourself platter. The chocolate was just drizzled over the top so you could pretend it was only a snack. I imagined all the food was going to be that good. It wasn't, but it was better than anything you could get at a Northridge restaurant. I had the feeling the two chefs were duelling.

stray g said...

I can't get over the "freshly baked chocolate eclairs stuffed with vanilla custard on a big help yourself platter!"

stray g said...

Beautiful pictures. I need to get out more.

linda said...

Oh yeah. There's the cedar-lined room. With feet to boot.