Friday, June 20, 2008

The Elk have Moved On

And here's why:

A large herd of cattle are now grazing up by Lightning Lounge. A good thing, though, because it shows the rancher who owns that land is still interested in working it, not subdividing it.

It was time for the elk to move to higher ground anyway. We think now that may be why the elk snuck up behind us the other day, trying to get away from the cattle.

We round a different fence crossing, and as we headed over the top of the mesa we came upon this:

BAMBI! Its mother ran away as we came near. Molly noticed it- we would have passed by. We took two pictures and quickly moved away. What was going on here is perfectly normal, though it does make you wonder how deer ever survive.

Here's a great link to info about fawns.

Here I am thinking about it.


Namowal said...

The fawn article was interesting. I guess holding still is your best option if you can't run quickly, considering the latter makes you more conspicuous.
The "we've been taking care of a fawn" routine happens to baby birds too. People find a fledgling and mistakenly think it's an orphan when in fact the parents are hiding nearby. So they "rescue" it the poor thing dies in a shoebox.
It looks so nice and green where you are. I could use a day like that.

Fearless Freep said...

Agreed namowla, well intentioned people kill more wildlife than they save. Nature runs its course and some must perish for the strength of the herd. Sucks sometimes but that is how it goes.