Monday, June 30, 2008

Hiking can be Exhausting!

Sherpa Sal at 9300 feet and too much uphill on this new trail. No sandwiches, no chips, just fruit!

But Columbine are an alpine treat.


Namowal said...

Amazing how much tougher it is to hike uphill, isn't it? It can be like taking the stairs up a tall building. Still, I'm sure you got farther along than I would have.

stray g said...

great photos!!!

Linda said...

Oh Sally I know what you mean. Once I was working on a photo shoot near the top of Independence Pass. I had to run back to the jeep for a lens or something. (HA!!!) That was an interesting experience.

p.s. But I'm sure I see a can of Champagne on the side of your backpack. I guess that's what you mean by "fruit."

p.p.s. Those Columbine look otherworldly, for sure.