Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We stayed up late last night, (late for us is 11 pm) watching a B Western shot in Chatsworth, on trails I used to ride. It used to drive Dinah nuts when I'd say "I know that rock," but I saw a lot of rocks I knew last night. In this 16mm movie, (Jon's got a projector here), the vigilantes wear black hoods that look silly and scary and there's a degenerate veterinarian. Dinah starts her veterinary internship today.

Then I had one of those can't stop dreaming it nightmares. We were going on a cruise with long ago friends Frank and Rhonda.
(Back story:I recently learned that Frank had survived a shark attack while surfing in Mexico. I was told he did the three nonos of surfing in Baja: surfed early in the morning, surfed where it was deep, and surfed on a yellow board.)

Dream: The Rolling Stones were on the cruise too. The ship was gigantic-- I saw an overhead chart model of it.

But we couldn't take Molly. We had to take her to the vets. At the vets they made a mistake. They turned her into a miniature Schnauzer. "You've cloned her!" I screamed. "No, it was just an experiment", Becky explained.

So weird when you have dreams that have so many layers and details. Working overtime.

I thought recently a cafe called Ship of Fools might be nice, with everyone wearing nautical outfits and providing really poor service.


Namowal said...

No coincidence that the dream started and ended with veterinarians.
Dreams are funny the way they take current concerns and toss in elements from a long time ago. Plus bonus settings like the cruise ship.
The "You cloned her!" argument reminds me of dialog from my own dreams. Like the setting and plot, it never makes complete sense.

stray g said...

did you snap pix of the clone for me to draw? been having anxious nights myself: keep getting up to write down things I need to do

Sally said...

Here's the wild weird and incredible but true conclusion of this nightmare.

We spent hours on the road today, with a hike at the place where I broke my ankle several years ago, then a Thai lunch and on to City Market in Montrose, with hideous road delays while they slowly tarred the main road.

Aside from seeing a guy at the checkstand with 90- yes 90 DOZEN eggs in his cart and nothing else, the following happened:

I went out to the car to check if Molly was okay mid shopping because it was all taking so long and costing so much and it was so hot in Montrose. She was fine. On the way back into the shop I saw a woman walking her dog into the gardening center at the store.

I looked at the dog. It's not, it couldn't be, is it?

"Excuse me, what kind of dog is that?" I asked her.

"Why it's a miniature Schnauzer."

I was so overwhelmed I even told her my nutso story, and she was nutty enough to think it was hysterical.

Namowal said...

Wow, Sally!
Let me know if you dream about any lotto numbers. :)

Linda said...

That image is really nightmarish.

I read "degenerate veterinarian" as "degenerate vegetarian."

The Rolling Stones were on my airship yesterday. (The guy sitting next to me on the plane was watching "Shine a Light" on his little movie screen; I was mesmerized.) And all the flight attendants were wearing nautical outfits and providing really poor service.

Funnny about the miniature Schnauzer in the gardening center!

p.s. Congratulations to Dinah!

Sally said...

Linda, too funny about the nautical poor service. And namowal, it sure is too bad this kind of stuff is so meaningless.