Monday, June 23, 2008

Plaid Hair

I've been fooling with Whinsey ideas again, and also trying to get comfortable drawing on my laptop. I look enviously on namowal's gorgeous loose laptop sketches, done in Painter.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I went to fill Whinsey's hair and it came in plaid. What's this? Then I kind of liked it, especially after I threw the woodcut filter on the whole thing, my big weakness at present with Painter X. She sure looks sophisticated!


Namowal said...

You envious of something I did? *blush* Thanks, Sally.
Looks like you had the paintbucket set to the [fill with] pattern option.
Funny how "accidents" like these often lead to something more exciting than what we planned.
I bet a lot of Painter users use the pattern fill only for stuff that's "supposed" to have a pattern. I think it's way more interesting when it shows up in Whinsey's hair.

stray g said...

It's definitely a good look for her.

Marilyn Sholin said...

I love the plaid hair and the lips. So glad I found your blog! Wonderful fun here thanks for the gas tank idea. We have two (just moved here in Dec) and need to check if we own them so we can paint them!

Sally said...

Gllad you all liked the plaid hair, and hello marilyn.

When you plan your submarine tank, don't do what I did: sketch it all in with a washable marker the day of "isolated thunderstorms." It's back to basic white.

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