Friday, June 27, 2008

This is a Marmot

They're cute and chubby and often sit by the side of the road watching cars, or running right in front of them. They sound a whistle alarm sometimes, and if you make the right "Chitchitchit" sound you can engage them for a while.

Some are quite dark and others very golden.

This is a hungry frog.

The first few weeks she hibernated and didn't eat any of her crickets. Then she woke up and ate a week's worth in a few days. I've been wandering around with jars, scoops and bait, trying to locate wild crickets. Turning over rocks and logs, with no luck. I've even set a cricket trap with bread and cheese under a log but I bet the neighbor's dog finds it first.

If I don't find a tasty bug tonight we'll have to drive to Montrose tomorrow, which is a long way to go to feed an old frog.


Linda said...

Not such a long drive if the poor thing is STARVING!!

Namowal said...

The marmot is a cute little guy. I don't think I've seen one before.
For cricket quest:
Did you try digging a straight edged hole under the log where you hid the cricket bait? That way any visitor will fall in and be waiting (according to people who claim they catch bugs this way, at least).
Good luck!

Fearless Freep said...

Marmots cousins live here in Pa and they cause tractors to tip over and injure farmers because they dig burrows in the fields. They are groundhogs. As a gardener who has suffered their attacks, I find putting the crosshairs on one to be a rather satisfying endeavor. One night one groundhog did in an entire shopping bag of ripe tomatoes.

Sally said...

We drove 80 miles at $4.39/gallon, 25 mpg, today, to get crickets. We also got all our groceries, including a bag of the most perfect cherries I've tasted in many years, and they were just at City Market, priced as nothing special. Dark black red, mighty flavor.

fearless, Groundhog Day was set in PA, right? A nifty movie.

Fearless Freep said...

You are right Sally. A good Bill Murray movie. Set in Punxatawny. Thousands go there and get blasted first thing in the morning to see the Punxy Phil predict the Winter. Never been there myself.

stray g said...

I liked that movie: just cracked me up when he woke up to that Sonnie and Cher song on the radio every morning!