Friday, August 29, 2008

50 years later: Sally vs. Sally

8 years old.

50 years later. I know, I know, the first one has more energy and intensity, but now I can spell family, and isn't the baby cute?

But when you look closely at the writing, was I looking into the future and trying to spell email?


Namowal said...

They both are cute.
I really like the colors of the shells.

stray g said...

I like this dialogue! The shells are fantastic.

Linda said...

Clicking on your blog and having art like this pop up is so much fun. Obviously you were looking into the future and spelling "email." The snails just can't wait to stop being responsible for all that snail mail and that's why they look so enthusiastic. Is Mr. Snail (bottom drawing) sporting a soul patch? Mrs. Snail is not sure about it.

Mean Jean said...

I'm going out on a limb here, but I'll bet you are good at anagrams.

A Wanderer said...

I love the idea of doing updated versions of stuff done as a kid. I agree with the previous comments; I love both of them!

I heard something from Tom Waits recently about his dislike of his early recordings and facing up to them being released by the record label against his wishes, he was talking about how you might be embarrassed but it's good to come to terms with who you were, and, in his words, "everybody's gotta have baby pictures."

In your case, though (and his, in my opinion, even though he apparently disagrees) there's certainly nothing to look back and feel ashamed about. The first manifestations of some wonderful talent!

Sally said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it. I tried redoing an undersea picture before this one, but the fish were too hard, so 1950's Sally won on that one.

Actually I'm only adequate at anagrams, and Will Shortz is someone I love to hate. But you feel so smart when you solve his puzzles.

You wouldn't believe how many horse pictures there were in this stack of old drawings. My love of horses locked in very early. My mother was always bewildered by it.

I remember her telling me when she saw farm animals it would make her anxious, thinking they must be so bored, that she wished she could load them in her car and drive them around. (sounds nuttier than the way she said it.)