Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pepper was bit by a snake!

I got a call this morning from the stable manager saying my old horse Pepper was in great discomfort with a hugely swollen leg. She arranged to get the vet out asap. I stayed home and worried, diagnosed via the internet. We were guessing it was a lymph gland disease which is horrible in horses and chronic too.

But the vet noticed flies a jaw span apart on his leg, where there was blood, then spotted fang marks.

He says the venom wasn't released but bacteria was, so he'll be on antibiotics for two weeks. I'm going to see him in the morning.


Namowal said...

Aw, poor ol' Pepper. I hope the antibiotics kick in and he's feeling better soon. I didn't know snakes bit horses. Who knew they were so nervy?

stray g said...

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope Pepper's feeling better. Send our love!

Linda said...

(next day) How was Pepper this morning?

Mean Jean said...

Ugh. Hope Pepper is okay today.