Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is an artist?

"An artist is a person who can see things that othr other people can't see."

And you thought it was just crazy people who saw those things!

an artist is someone who wears a beret most of the time.

and smokes chalk:


Namowal said...

Smoking chalk? No wonder you could see things other people couldn't see. ;)

Cute pictures, all thee of them!

p.s. Were the color swatches inspired by the kid-friendly water color sets? I'm pretty sure my set had ovals of color in that order.

Sally said...

Namowal, are we talking about the prang watercolor set, in the black metal box with the white interior?

stray g said...

that's the one! prang! all these things are too true about artists... thank god.

Mean Jean said...

I dearly love this. Dearly. Lucky you to have saved all these treasures.

I used to smoke grapevine.

Linda said...

The top one is just beautiful--a classic. Do you think your sister asked everyone in the class to give his/her definition of "artist" and that's how you responded?

On the middle one, don't you wonder about the notes: "Sure I might" and $1.25"...?

I remember that great photo (bottom). What were those things hanging above your window? Horse medals? A LOT of pictures on your wall--were they mostly your drawings?

Namowal said...

I think I'm remebering the Prang watercolors. Or a knock-off.

Sally said...

Linda, I think those are all my sister's drawings. It's taken in her bedroom. Mine was a closet.

She probably told us that's what an artist was-- if we made it up I don't think it would all be in capital letters.