Thursday, September 25, 2008

Camp Bow Wow

We're taking a two day trip next month to ride horses with a buffalo herd- really-- and needed to find a place to put Molly. The local vet's office said Camp Bow Wow had opened in Montrose. It's a franchise. I'd never heard of it. They allow dogs to play together for hours at a time, just going into their individual kennels for naps and overnight. This is a very new style kennel.

But your dog has to pass their 3 hour evaluation. As much as we adore Molly, we remember some hairy moments at the dog park gate when people were yelling at us, "Kick her in the head." (We didn't.) She has issues with fences.

I didn't bring the camera inside, but it was a very appealing office interior, and there was a very long form to fill, while three friendly attendants got to know Molly. They have video cameras live on six different play areas.

We stayed while Molly was introduced to the group and watched it on tv. She fit in well and they were very pleased, so we set out on our way, how to spend three hours in Montrose.

1. Go to the dump and drop off one tiny bag of garbage.
2. Stop at a farmer's market that sold unusual (to us) produce like lemon cucumbers and blood plums. They were broiling peppers by the roadside in strange rotating grills.
3. Go into the bank and the manager came out and talked about how she wished she had thought to open Camp Bow Wow. The teller asked what our weekend plans were. I was lurking by the deposit slips and felt like I was Bonnie waiting for Clyde. People in Montrose are so wonderfully friendly.
4. Pass a policeman walking down Main Street who greeted us like we lived half a block down.
5. Eat lunch at a bakery and have the best Reuben sandwich ever. It had spiral colored rye, dark and light, and wasn't greasy.
6. Stop at Division of Wildlife and ask about stocking trout, and show them a picture of a bird that might be a prairie chicken.
7. Walmart-- no other store sells such good fly strips. And they had no hunting signs.
8.City Market- dinners for ten days ... now we're 45 minutes late

9. GLORIOUS We show up at Camp Bow Wow and Molly has passed the personality test, and they love her, and she can stay there any time. Best dog ever. Smarter than John McCain.


Linda said...

This is what I call A CHARMED DAY.

p.s. Molly, you are so good.

Namowal said...

I hope Molly makes some new doggie pals at her vacation home. Then again, between her brains and her herding instinct, I can almost see joining your buffalo excursion, riding her own horse.

John McCain said...

So let me get this right, my friend. You think Molly's smarter than me. A little bit of naivete there. It's my bet that she would sit down at the table with ANYONE without preconditions. And I guarantee you she does not have a bracelet.

Sally said...

It was a great day, and a decent debate too, old Chowder Cheeks. We went to see it at the Blue Jay Cafe in Sawpit, but the chuffy waiter didn't want to turn the volume up so after a crap dinner of calamari and frozen pizza Sawpit style we listened in the car and ran in the house to stream it on my computer, which was a decent image and perfect sound.

I read that Giuliani went with McCain to the debate, on his plane. Think he's the understudy for Sarah?

(nice mccain copy there, whoever.)