Friday, September 12, 2008

Go Goats Go

(wow thought I posted this in L.A. We're in Colorado now. The stable here was just a mile from the awful train accident which happened later that day.)

I got to the stable at 6 am. It was totally dark, and I was way too early. Couldn't help it, I get anxious. That's Tia with her two goats. Dinah's roommate and her family arrived about 20 minutes later, with their horse trailer, and her roommate's horse. They were there to haul Tia and the goats to U.C. Davis.

Ben was late, he's not usually late, and I didn't have the combination to the tack room, so we couldn't load up. We had to get the trunk, and the medicine, and the boots for Tia. After a series of phone calls and about 20 minutes more, Ben arrived, the tack room was opened, and we got ready to load the goats.

They were naughty, they're always naughty, even with four of us running around and trying to stop/scare them into the trailer.

But, but!!

I had an idea! LIGHTBULB!

Let me get Molly out. She's had sheep herding lessons. She's always wanted to herd these damn goats!

Since everyone else was out of ideas and Dinah wasn't there, I went ahead with it.

As soon as Nicole, the light colored goat, saw Molly, she was in the trailer. WOLF!

But the dark one, Margarethe, had a flash fantasy that maybe she could butt Molly. Then she decided no and ran on a wild route, with Molly and me in fast pursuit. I was afraid I'd end up being dragged through the dirt into the trailer. Molly was in absolute heaven. For four years she's wanted to chase those goats, and now we were telling her to do it.

Anyway, we got the evil but beloved goat in the trailer, and they drove off. It was actually a lot of fun. Dinah called later and said all had arrived safely, and were settling in.

My computer went freako overnight and lost contact with all its programs. What a pain. And why? Off to Colorado at 5 am. Glad I'm not in Galveston. I was there once. It was a cool city, great architecture.

Sorry there's no action shot, but when the action was happening I was in the middle of it.


Namowal said...

I bet you made Molly's day, letting her heard the goats like that. I'm still trying to imagine a college where they let you take horses and goats with you. Must be more more vet friendly (and farm friendly) than your average school.
I'm not sure when that picture was taken, but if it was recent, be forewarned: Those goats look like they're up to something!

Linda said...

Sally, this is a great story. Molly must have been in heaven.

What do you mean your computer lost contact with all its programs? Did you have to reinstall software?

By the way, how does it feel to be in CO?

Anonymous said...

goat rodeo. so good. fears of being dragged through the dirt into the trailer? you've seen too many cartoons...

Sally said...

Namowal, she goes to U.C. Davis. Actually the equestrian center at the school won't allow the goats, a bone of contention, she has to board horse and goats off campus. I took that picture at first light.

Linda, it was so weird. When I'd click on the name of a program, it couldn't find it, as if it didn't exist. Some of them I managed to reinstall-- or rather reconnect-- but some wouldn't do it and I ran out of time.

It's nice to be back. We're just hoping the wacko survivalist guy who sometimes lives at the top of the road will leave soon, in fact asap.

stray g said...

Molly's a sharp cookie. Weird about the software. My friend's blogspot blog is one of several that evidently just disappeared recently; not sure what's the story on that.

RHSteeleOH said...

You can't trust computers. Sounds like your profile got corrupted.

Goats are so cool with their rectangle eyes, they always freak me out. I wouldn't want to be chasing one at 6:00 a.m. yeow!

Sally said...

rhsteeleoh, I bet that's exactly what happened with my computer. thanks.