Monday, September 29, 2008

Sasquatch Misfit

This guy posted on youtube that he'd sampled two of my cartoons to make his video above. I thought hmm, what's this about. I really like the video, the way it syncs to the music is such a treat, the found footage so weird and the guy in front of the couch a charmer.


stray g said...

This is a lot of fun! Makes you want to dance -- like a card I got Pat for his birthday Friday -- I actually just found a post about the very card on someone's blog:

Namowal said...

That's something else.
It has to be an honor to find your footage among an eclectic show of images.

Linda said...


Fearless Freep said...


A Wanderer said...

I've seen the couch guy before. It's a sort of internet fad video. He's selling furniture by rapping.

Sally, what are your thoughts on "remixing" or "sampling," of any media but specifically video/visual media since that's what you work with?
While not exactly the same thing as what you've posted here, there's been a thing on the internet the past couple of years I'm very amused by. It's called "Youtube Poop." It was originally started by some teenage friends, the idea was to remix various video and audio clips in a totally random manner, kind of dada art I guess, to confuse or annoy strangers and make each other laugh. It caught on and now tons of people make "poops," though most of them are now made with the intent to amuse rather than confuse or annoy, though they are nevertheless very much oriented to the "random."

Sally said...

At first I was bothered by the resampling concept, being someone who remembers filling out a copyright notice and mailing it to the Library of Congress. But I think copyright is a last millenium concept, I really do. And I've grabbed clips on youtube to build pieces myself, like the "I am a Mole and I live in a hole" video.

What impressed me about this one was how tight the sync was, which is what gives it charm. It takes time and a careful ear to line sync up so exactly.

Goatinaboat said...

I'm very honored indeed that you enjoyed the video.

I'm afraid you're right about copyright being a mostly millennium concept, 'afraid' because nobody wants their work stolen. But I'm very excited by the possibilities, at the same time..
Video is becoming as common and easily manipulatable as audio; as with audio I think sampling is permissible assuming credit is given where due.
Of course, if you're making money off someone else's work, then I see how citing your references is not enough (although access to billions of videos on the internet, and laws like the Fair Use Doctrine suggest to me that our copyright system may be heading for a complete upheaval..)

But in my case, it's purely homage. Being a student, this is the closest I have to a music video :)

Carry on, Sally, carry on!

Sally said...

Hey goatinaboat, thanks for stopping by, and of course I LOVE that screen name. What software do you use?

Breakmaster Cylinder said...
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Breakmaster Cylinder said...
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Goatinatboat said...

I'm using the older version of iMovie which comes with Mac Osx.. v 6.0.4 to be precise. The version after that they rebuilt it and messed it up completely. There wasn't even a timeline..
It's a bit limited though!
I wanna do some green screening type madness sometime. Or some simple animations out of blocks of color to match the melody notes or something..
I'd like to keep up this series of animating my beets but some new methods would be in order soon, basically.
I've looked at Final Cut but that is unbelievably complicated.
Worth learning, do you think?
Any simple animation programs you would recommend? I think I have one or two more of these youtube mashup videos in me and then I need to try something new :).