Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad Day for Betting

I watched the Breeder's Cup races all day. Got my bets in early, bet more conservatively than yesterday, then watched all the wrong horses come in. I knew somebody who only bet horses with food names, like "Chocolate Pudding." Today there was only one horse with a food name, "Duke of Marmalade", and he didn't do so well either.

Everyone's favorite in the Breeder's Cup, Curlin, came in fourth, ending his amazing career, in which he earned more than 10 million dollars. Now he's out to stud I think.

Hope your Saturday was better. I did enjoy watching the races, just couldn't believe I could make so many wrong choices. I clicked off at the end just in time, before I had to watch Arnold Schwarz. award the cup.


Anonymous said...

My Saturday was "meh" as well. Duke of Marmalade is a great name.

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

Sorry to hear the horses didn't cooperate.
Sometimes I think it's not fair that a single bad race can sink a horse's career. If scientists were trying to determine who was the fastest horse in a group, they'd probably run the same race over a period of time to rule out flukes. But I guess that wouldn't be as exciting to bet on.

Linda Davick said...

When I get another pet I'm going to name it Chocolate Pudding.

Sally said...

There was one horse named "doremifasolatido" and the excellent announcer was able to handle it during the race.