Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disappointing Doorbells

Today was canvassing day for us at the Obama headquarters in Ridgway. We fussed over our outfits, practiced our best friendly manners, and listened (with an intelligent expression), to the spiel on how to speak to everyone who opened a door to us. I was given the clipboard and the map, and Jon paid closer attention to the instructions. I'm good at maps. And I can look smart while barely comprehending what someone is telling me.

We were quite nervous when we arrived at the first house on our map. The pumpkins above were at the front door. No one was home.

We went to 27 houses, and there was no one home at any of them! We never got to give our pitch! It took about three hours to knock on all 27 doors, (almost no one had a doorbell.) One thing I noticed about Ridgway, is people store all kinds of stuff in their side yards, the kind of stuff people put in their garages in L.A.

The good news for us is that about 2/3 of the houses we visited had Obama signs already posted in their yards or windows.

This morning, before we left, I had an unexpected encounter with a hunter on our land. He said he was a friend of the survivalist and allowed to hunt on his land. We stayed amicable but it was upsetting and a bit scary as he was armed and ready.


Fearless Freep said...

Every state, and I believe there are 37 of them now, that has granted concealed carry permits to anyone with a clean record, have experienced significant drops in murder and robbery rates. You are safer with those hunters than in California where only the criminals are armed.

Sally said...

Glad I didn't ring your doorbell, fearless, as that kind of gun talk makes me want to puke on the spot.

Linda said...

TWENTY-SEVEN HOUSES AND NO ONE WAS HOME? I can't get over this. How nice! But at the same time, you might have come away with some good stories. Do you think people just don't answer doors if they aren't expecting a pal?

I'm not good at maps at all, but I also have a great talent for looking smart (well, looking interested, anyway) while barely comprehending what someone is telling me.

Namowal said...

That was nice (and brave) of you to go door to door for Obama, even if nobody was home. Maybe it's safer that way- there's a nutso subset of the Republican party who buys into the "liberals are evil/unamerican/treasonous" notion. When someone thinks you're "evil," all bets are off.

stray said...

This reminds me: there is actually a magazine in Charleston I just heard about called "Gard en and Gun."