Sunday, October 19, 2008

Party Popper

by request, for a friend's wedding. Painter, with its felt marker brush and plain old fills.


A Wanderer said...

Sally, I absolutely love this.
Your friend is lucky!

Forgive me if I'm being dense, but the one thing I never understood about Quasi and Anita is the nature of their relationship. I definitely get a feel for it, but I've never known what it was exactly (in "Quackadero" it seems like they're almost lovers, though Anita is very tired of him and would prefer trapping him in prehistory as to breaking up with him, harsh!). Any way, whatever their relationship is, you have to love those ducks.

I got a call last night from a lady from the Obama campaign in my area. She asked if I was an Obama supporter. I told her I wasn't really supporting anybody. She asked if I planned to vote. I told her yes. "So you're undecided?" "Yeah." "Well, you've got 17 more days to know, this list is supposed to be all Obama supporters, I don't know how you got on here. Weird. Well, you have a nice night!"

Weird indeed...!

Linda said...

I could've made a cake for your friend's party if I had only known, with worms and Easter eggs on top.

A wanderer asks about Quasi and Anita's relationship; here's how I view it: Anita does stuff with Quasi when she's bored. He's somebody she can boss around to some extent. Like my across-the-street neighbor, Chuckie, when I was a kid. He was kind of boring and kind of frustrating, but when you were dying to DO something and didn't have anyone else to do it with, you went over to Chuckie's.

Quasi introduces Anita to Snozzi in Make Me Psychic, so I don't think Quasi's and Anita's relationship is exactly romantic.

A wanderer, if you'll vote for Obama I'll make you a chocolate cake that you'll never forget.

A Wanderer said...

I realize Anita and Quasi's relationship isn't really the romantic type overall, and I definitely see the comparison to your childhood source of amusement Chuckie, but what I never quite wrapped my head around in "Quackadero" was why Anita was actually the one waking him up, telling him to get ready and go, but all the while was planning to send him to prehistory. If she wanted to be so permanently rid of him, why insist on him going at all? I've been trying to crack the mystery of this ever since I've seen it.
Either way, it's nice to see those two together again (in the picture), they make a great pair in whatever sense one might define it.

I love Whinsey and Anita, but it's nice to see Quasi once in a while again too!

Tempting, Linda, but I will not have my vote bought off with cake, no matter how delicious (oh geez, now I'm going to be wanting cake all night...)!
I'm still trying to do more research. I think I can safely promise you, however, that I WON'T vote McCain (some of his plans in the last debate were moronic to an unbelievable extent, especially regarding education, though in that area some of Obama's didn't strike me as too much better). It'll probably be a third party candidate I vote for.

stray g said...

Beautiful wedding gift!

Linda, would that cake have had worms like the kind at Namo's restaurant?

Namowal said...

Quasi always struck me as the bratty kid down the street (or member of the gang) who's hard to tolerate. You don't tell him to scram because he lives/sits nearby or you share friends... but he's always pushing his luck. Much like Linda's Chuckie,
he's annoying but you'll sometimes hang out with him when you're bored.
Wonderful wedding picture. Thanks for posting it.

linda said...

...on the other hand, I feel a kinship with Quasi. (You know, how he tries to kick Rollo when Anita isn't looking--and how he wants to eat everything in the whole world) ... he also reminds me a little of Eddie Haskell.

Stray, the cake would look something like

p.s. A Wanderer, you might reconsider after seeing it.

Sally said...

Thanks for all your nice comments. The recipient seemed to like it too. Linda and Namowal described the quasi and anita relationship pretty well.

I really don't like to think about it. I think both characters have their roots in specific childhood friends.

The cake Linda mentions is very wondrous, a wanderer.