Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here's a dime go make a friend

That's what my grandmother used to tell my sister. Later I think it went up to a quarter. It was never the right incentive though.

Here's Molly watching her neighbor friend Sabin eat his morning scoop. (Isn't Sabin a weird name for a dog?) Early every morning he ventures over and taps insistently on the glass till I come down. If I don't come fast enough Molly lets out a fearsome moan. I wonder if Sabin will keep tapping all winter. We leave on Thursday morning, back to L.A. As soon as he finishes eating on the porch, he goes on, probably to another plate glass window to tap tap.

Molly had a romp with John McCain a few minutes ago. They play so hard you have to grab hold of a tree when they go by so you won't get slamdanced.


Namowal said...

Between the Oliver Twist antics of Sabin (yes, odd name!) and the more bold exploits of John McCain, I'm surprised there's any left for Molly.
At least he was thoughtful enough to play with her.
Have a safe trip back to Los Angles.

Linda said...

Pretty funnny! How does Sabin actually TAP?? His paw? Teeth?

Will Molly miss all her friends there? Her coat is so shiny.

Sally said...

He taps with his paws. He didn't come by today, but a storm is coming and I think he has some arthritis.