Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wish me Luck!

Got a call at 4:45 this morning that my mother had fallen. She didn't break anything but was confused about a lot the three times I spoke to her. I'll see her a week from Monday. I spoke to several nurses today and they said she had not had a stroke, though I couldn't convince her of that.

The chickens were looking good, and our house was well taken care of. There was a flyer that said a man has been peeking in windows. The next door neighbor said he promises he'll stop that!

At Lake Balboa the pelicans were back, and there were more than a hundred cormorants, and already more than a thousand coots. That was nice.

I'm going down to Hollywood Park to the races tomorrow. I've got my tip sheet all marked up. It's rumored that the great filly Zenyatta will be parading around, and everyone who pays to enter gets this poster of Zenyatta.

I started to watch the DVD of "Synecdoche New York", Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut. Awful, and grim. Why do they make movies like this? He's the smart screen writer who wrote "Being John Malkovich" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I only got about a third of the way through this one.


stray said...

The name of that movie alone gave me pause. Hope your mom's OK; I know that's a worry.

Namowal said...

Sorry to hear your mother fell. A four a.m. phone call is always unnerving. Before you answer you know it's not going to be someone saying "hi" or trying to sell you something.
Have fun at Hollywood park. I've probably told you before that my family used to go there for Thanksgiving. I've been hitting them up to go again but they say they get bored between each race.

Linda said...

Phone calls like that are not fun. Does your mom remember that you're coming? I know she's happy about that.

How is James Brown doing?

It's hard to see how a movie with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Catherine Keener could be so bad. I guess directing can be a lot different than writing? I really liked Adaptation--I think CK wrote that one, too--I mean, the screen play.

Sally said...

A marvelous day at the track. I bet small but won nicely. Still, if you add in the admission costs and beer and popcorn, it's about like going to the movies, but FUN! Gorgeous horses, colorful jockeys, attractive lowlife.

Thanksgiving at the track sounds like the place to be. And Linda, I liked Adaptation too. This movie is DREADFUL, so unpleasant. Is Catherine Keener the redhead or the ultra bitchy brunette?

Namowal said...

I passed Hollywood park on the way to downtown Los Angeles yesterday and thought of you.
Were you there when the space shuttle made that sonic boom? Did the horses react?

Sally said...

We were probably yelling too much to hear the Sonic Boom, Namowal. Jon had mentioned that we'd be missing it, which I didn't regret, because it unnerves me.