Tuesday, December 02, 2008

1941 Carnival

I renewed my flickr account today and discovered a new feature, called "The Commons" which consists of photos with no copyright attached to them. This beautiful color is from a slide taken in Vermont in 1941.

Like the L.A. Public Library collection I mentioned some time ago, this one uses tag entries to pull up material. In this case I entered "carnival."

I love color pictures from long ago where the color is still in range. Such a window into the past. I just realized there's a whole set of these pictures here.


Mean Jean said...

Yeah! Thanks for these links. I'm always cruising the web looking for pictures to paint from. I'd just as soon not get sued.

Namowal said...

I agree those old photos are like time machines. Something about the color makes them more real.
Those carnival shows remind me of the internet. Instead of paying a nickel to see the exotic animal/strange talent/unusual person/hootch girl/something gross, people watch it on the internet.

Sally said...

Great that the links are useful, mean jean!

Namowal, great analogy you picked up on there. Maybe because the long ago past is always seen in black and white, it has a great dream/ultra real feeling in color.

Linda said...

A little off the subject of windows into the past--but Katy takes the best carnival photos. Here's one from 2 years ago:


Sally said...

Katy's carnival pic is really nice. I hate the way the 1941 pic loaded into my blog, it was one of those things where they offer "blog this" and then to change the code is rather a big deal.