Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Got to the Getty

It was a rainy day today and we went to the Getty Museum-- hadn't been there in years. We saw a show of plein air painters circa 1820, a Russian avant garde book art show from the 1910's, and best of all a big show called "Dialogue among Giants" showcasing the work of early California photographer Carleton Watkins, whom I'd never heard of. The picture above is one of seven in a locked tight panoramic series of San Francisco in 1856. The prints are HUGE and hung side by side. Even though I haven't been back to San Francisco in about 25 years, I could recognize parts of the city, and this is all before the earthquake.

1856! Imagine.

There was an incredible shot of a ship wreck perched on the beach below where the various Cliff Houses have stood, from the 1850's. It was a tall ship with sails, and the most amazing picture. Unfortunately they don't have that posted on the Getty site. Our pal Linda would have been especially amazed because this is where she jogs.

Later we went to the fancy restaurant at the museum and had a very nice lunch. I had a pasta dish with lobster, squash, green beans, apples, and truffle cream. Sounds peculiar but it worked. They had the weirdest martini submenu inside the main menu, including one that was made with pumpkin pie filling and whipped cream. euw.


Namowal said...

Wow! Maybe I should visit the Getty more often.

It's fun to recognize familiar details in old photos. Sort of like spotting an old friend at a party.

Linda said...

Tom says that looks like Angel Island. I'd love to see those photos. I can't believe you haven't been to SF in 25 years. I haven't been to LA in ... almost 20 years!! OMG.

We stayed at the Shangri-La in Santa Monica. Supposedly under Diane Keaton's penthouse suite. It was fun! We both had steady paychecks.

stray g said...

What is it about tall ships? Ha!

Anonymous said...

The Getty needs a martini curator.

stray said...

I find sweet martinis icky. But I recently found pumpkin-flavored soy mild hugely discounted and enjoyed it on shredded wheat this week. Was the relish salad OK without boiling the vinegar/sugar mix? If so, maybe I can skip that pesky step. Waiting for it to cool is a pain (I put it in the refrigerator).

Sally said...

I haven't touched a martini in about fifteen years. Even then I thought it was a peculiar drink. Gin gives me the creeps, but it no longer seems to be part of the martini essentials, now that pumpkin pie filling has moved in. Curator, take charge.

I googled extensively to try to find the ship wreck photo for you Linda, but without luck.

Stray g, no need to boil the topping. It was so tasty I'm making it to add to the xmas spread, with maybe a little less sugar. Dinah devoured it and she's really hard to please. The chickens also loved the last bits of it today.