Friday, December 26, 2008

I'll have some party

We had a great time. Everything was tasty. The guy at the end with the shiny red bow brought champagne jello in a mold. It was quite effervescent. We had a very jolly time. Everyone got hysterical when the doorbell rang and it was a friend of Jon's who was delivering 6 dead ducks as a present. For years we've talked about having mental illness night and now we think it may be happening in January.


Linda said...

It sounds like you already had mental illness night! We had it here, for sure. That's not Snozzi in the shiny red bow ... (is it?)
Gosh, gorgeous photo of Dinah.

stray said...

Will it be like a costume party where you show up as your favorite mental illness?

Namowal said...

I didn't know you could make champagne jello.
Six dead ducks as a present? Is the Mafia mad at someone? Or does someone know how to cook ducks?

Sally said...

Namowal, we're actually going to eat two of them tonight, but it was definitely weird. The guy who dropped them off is a movie executive code name Elmer Fudd.

Stray, the plan is to come in pajamas or what you consider pajamas and watch marathon movies like 3 Faces of Eve and David & Lisa, Splenor in the Grass, and eat peculiar foods etc. All weird and aberrant behavior excused. Originally it was planned for a sleepover or weekend but I don't think we could handle the stress of that!

Linda, he does kind of look like Snozzy there.