Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blow Winds Blow

The Santa Ana winds are blowing hard this weekend, just as they did two years ago when this tree blew over. It's dark outside, and howling. But the winds aren't blowing good luck our way.

Linda and I enjoyed our two hot dogs, (each), popcorn and beer over at Santa Anita yesterday, but our bets were mostly the wrong ones, and we left before the last race, when the horse named Sally came in second as a long shot and paid nicely- about $40 on a $6 bet. That kind of day. The reason I went to the track was to bet on the Sally horse!

The horse I'd picked from a blog tip dumped his rider before they got to the starting gate and went running past us on the track in the wrong direction with his jockey walking behind him. At least it kept my mind off family troubles.

My mother had to make a surprise trip to the hospital yesterday morning with a bad hematoma on her leg, (I didn't know what that meant either). She had some surgery in the afternoon and we'll hope she comes through it all okay. Jon's dad continues in perilous condition.


linda said...

Oh Sally. I'll be thinking about your mom & Jon's dad.

I cannot believe that about the horse named Sally. ARRGGGHH. I know you wish you'd grabbed a 3rd & 4th hotdog and stayed just a little longer.

Mean Jean said...

We went to the Okla. City racetrack (back in '88 or '89) to see Alysheba run. I placed a $10 bet on that horse and then it just laid down in the starting gate. They had to move the gate forward, pick up the horse with a lifting device, move the gate back and then start the race.

stray said...

So sorry to hear about your mom and also Jon's father.

It's sort of reassuring to know Sally performed well.

Namowal said...

Sorry to hear your mom needed surgery. As if you're not worried enough with your father in law's condition. I'll be thinking about them.
As for Blog Tip Horse, he had some nerve screwing up before the race even started. At least he didn't roll on his owner like that other one did.