Friday, January 23, 2009

Does this work?

Need to turn your sound on, and I may have made it too big to fit the blog.


stray said...

I love this. I think it works for the most part. For some reason I especially love the guy in the pink jumpsuit speaking some unintelligible foreign language!

Sally said...

Thanks for checking. I like that gobble gook talk too.

Linda said...

See that fat woman in the pink dress on the green chair next to the frog? I say what she says all the time now. That is so sad about the woman in the red dress--her boyfriend getting married while she was gone--After she offers to stop at the 7-11! And the surprise guest in Whinsey's conversation!
OH GOD!! The conversations change on some of them!
This works fine on my machine and it's pornogrphic!

Namowal said...

That's pretty funny.
I got everyone to talk (including the airplane, who may be dreaming about the horse rackes), with the exception of the two dancing characters at the far right.
Has the famous Mr. Ed. been reduced to... ...telemarketing?

RHSteeleOH said...

Very nice Sally C. :)

Mars Tokyo said...

I'll say it does!! fun!

stray said...

Pat wants to know how you do the voices. (I know you've explained before, but I don't remember.)

Sally said...

I enjoyed all your comments, and glad it seems to work. Namowal, hysterical about Mr. Ed telemarketing!

I first made a version of this flash piece about cel phones four years ago, but it used text instead of voices, and didn't quite have the effect I intended. Plus over the years some of the fonts I used vanished so the words were spilling all over the airport.

At airports I wonder what everyone is saying, since I can't think of any reason to call anyone. Getting snatches of what they're saying, it's usually so inane but sometimes so dramatic. (Just like life.)

I used the voices at cepstral and att to get lines done in a hurry. We'd all like these voices to be better but I'm grateful for free voices that I can use.

I created a random structure for some of the conversations, so they don't play out the same way. That's why Linda experienced a drama in one call that you may not have heard.

As usual when I do Flash work, I get very excited by the code aspect and then tidying up the art seems like a big bore, once I've got the code in place. Working on code is a nice way to feel smarter than you did the day before.

Ideally I'd want the mouths to open and shut as the conversations play out, and that is possible, but for a little bit of animation that will disappear into the blogosphere in a few days, it seemed like I'd gone far enough with it.

Linda said...

At airports I wonder what everyone is saying, since I can't think of any reason to call anyone.

to me THIS is hilarious. Is it a clue to why you don't own a cell phone?

It's fun to read about how your animations come to be. (your comment above.)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a still cartoon I wanted Linda to do (for the New Yorker)when cell phones were newish--a commuter train coming out of the tunnel--a ticket collector--bored and tired commuter faces, homeward bound,all with phones to the ear, getting reception, and all telling obvious lies: I'm with the pope, I'm at the beach, I'm having a manicure, etc---because the first question on the other end is usually Where are you?---so do a still of all the lying answers, for the fun of it. Or make Linda do it. Ha and ha. ....Love the big deep slow OH lady.