Monday, February 23, 2009

Celebrity Puke

and yes we did watch the Academy Awards last night, drivel city.



Namowal said...

I gave up on watching them years ago.
I couldn't stand the "We're so wonderful!" vibe and the hoopla about what so and so is wearing.
And when some actors take twenty minutes to thank/flatter everyone I want to throw stuff at the t.v. screen.
That being said, when my studio won an Oscar on a project I worked on*, I got in line to pose for pictures with the statue.

*along with hundreds of other coworkers- my contribution had little to do with the win factor.

Linda said...

Delightful illo though! You inverted the top one for after hours?


stray said...

I wondered if it's like the 30s when people were so broke they just loved watching the glam stars for escape. Fun illo: some of the stars' gowns are already a parody of themselves.

Sally said...

I look at Namowal's gorgeous illustrations and fire up Painter but am never happy with the results.

If you go to there are always amazingly awful and peculiar outfits on display with very funny commentary.

stray said...

Wonder what Anita and Whinsey would wear / say at the Oscars....