Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last Minute Valentine

My college pal Ellen Lynch sent me a Christmas card and the construction was ingenious. Using one piece of letter sized paper and no staples, she constructed an 8 page booklet. (Not an 8 pager if any of you know the sleaze implied!)

It only involved making one slice along a fold line and nice tight tight fingernail reinforced folds. I uploaded it here for anyone who wants to fold laundry, I mean valentines. Generic enough that anyone will find it a peculiar Valentine and not be offended.

If you like doing paper architecture like popups etc. I recommend you give it a try. There's something so amazing about the structure of it, with no staples. I put a pop up of instrux on the pdf, on how to fold it, but it gave me trouble describing the relatively simple fold and snip instructions. Let me know if you're lost and I'll post pictures of how to fold.

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stray said...

This looks really fun and inspiring. And I love the house of nuts.