Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ode to Old Chickens

It's hard to get a picture of Elle the rooster and Star the black hen, together, because the contrasts of black and white couldn't be any greater. They are 8 years old! Don't they look gorgeous, in classic hen and rooster pose? He's pointing out the goodies for her to eat. It's what roosters do-- well one of the things they do!

Here's the group, 4 girls and a guy. Everyone's related to everyone else. They were having a worm party right after the rain.


Namowal said...

Who knew a chicken could look cute and cuddly?. How difficult are they to care for? Any trouble with raccoons or coyotes on the prowl for McNuggets?
Have they accepted you as a member of the flock?

stray said...

Could I have high res of the top one? (I understand about the contrast problems but would like to try to draw.)

Sally said...

Chickens are easy and a delight to keep. But predators are always a problem, and you have to have a safe place for them at night. These silkys can't fly. Some breeds of chicken are friendlier than others. Auracaunas, the ones that lay pink and blue eggs, are really friendly, and I've heard that the Modern Hen, which looks like a weird dinosaur, is friendliest of all, but the one we got in the mail years ago was always aloof.

Linda said...

I'm getting ready to make some deviled eggs.

But what about Elle? Is he aloof too--Does he know you and love you?

(Oh boy, a worm party!)

Sally said...

Devilled eggs are delish! Elle is my pal, and I give him good night kisses when I put him away in the garage at night. Imagine! Kissing a chicken!