Friday, March 20, 2009

Early Quasi

This is the first appearance of Anita and Quasi in color. It's another tiny watercolor. Notice the chocolate cake is already in place, Anita has pretty blue hair and Quasi's cap is like a red and white circus tent.

Today's my mother's birthday. She is now officially 94, born on the first day of spring.

I wandered into a Hallmark store earlier in the week to look for a card. The copy on greeting cards is so yucky-- maybe it always has been, but I couldn't find any card that didn't irritate me. Well at least I know no one will ever send me a card that says "You were always there for me," or I hope not, because I hate that expression. I don't think the sentiment fits me, anyway!

I found one card that was almost okay, though the writing was small and hard to read, but at the counter it was $4.00 plus tax. I actually put it back and left the store. Went home and made her a card from an old postcard. Is Hallmark the next one heading for bailout? How can they sell cards at prices like that? And such ugly cards too!


stray said...

The cards you make are infinitely better!

I have gotten a couple of those Hoops and Yoyo cards recently because they talk and say Happy Birthday! which I have hoped elderly without Internet might enjoy.

I have a stash of some cards I've purchased over the years that I am trying to use up now instead of having to buy anything new.

Linda said...

Magnificent! I love that thing that looks like a pixelated screen.

p.s. I try to hide it most of the time, but I am so Quasi. I was born that way.

Namowal said...

Thanks for sharing another watercolor. Interesting how the characters evolved!
I agree the copy on most cards is dopey. My dad's B-day is March 19 and I went through my own search. I wanted to give him something sweet, but all the "sweet" cards were so cloying and corny.

stray said...

Early Quasi should be taught in contemporary art history classes, projected up on a big screen in a dark room.

RHSteeleOH said...

I got my bottle(s) of Nutritious Oil in the mail today. I've been eating and cleaning all afternoon. Thanks Sally C.

These watercolor paintings are awesome. Very colorful & cool.

Mean Jean said...

Ah man. I hate cards. I buy blank ones for adults. Many times I make the kid cards.

I sold a painting today! I can't believe it. The economy is so sucky and somebody bought one of my paintings.

Sally said...

stray, my mother finds cards that make noise are really upsetting. Someone gave her a fancy pop up book with bird noises on each page and she thought it was totally spooky.

I started to explain what a fax was to her, "It's paper that comes through the telephone," then realized I shouldn't go there.

As I told Linda, both of these water colors are kind of grubby looking in person. Only about 6" wide.

RHSteele, secret tip: it can also double as hair gel.

Way to go Mean Jean!

LynnyM said...

Most of those cards are so plain-jane, and they cost way more than they should. Making cards is fun, and it feels good.

There are good cards for purchase out there, but those tend to be in little specialty shops and what not.

It's an adventure, lol

stray said...

Makes sense. I remember now that the cell phone totally confused my dad.