Friday, March 06, 2009

French Flying

This goofy serious postcard is a tribute to aviation. I'm flying back to California today. This seems to have been created in some amazing form of Photoshop in 1912. The figures and airplane are elaborately sculpted. The airplane looks three dimensional. Apparently the whole shebang was created just to sell as a postcard!

The signature is in clay. Wonder how big this thing was.
The background appears to be painted in.

I'm selling it on ebay today. Tonight I hope to be back in Northridge, Ca.


Linda said...

That looks a little like Lulu on top of the plane. I wonder why the flying woman is holding a carrot?

Hope you make it home safe & sound.

Sally said...

Made it back, had a good trip but I'm really tired.

Namowal said...

I wonder how they put that image together in pre-photoshop times?
I tried to google the french "Triumph of Aviation" text but only got a few hits from postcard dealers (plus your ad).

stray said...

Glad you're back!