Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Need Flash/Wacom Help

About a week ago my old Sony Vaio XP got hit with amnesia and couldn't remember where all the programs I use most were found (Flash, Photoshop, Word, Note Tab Pro.) This happened a few months ago too.

I managed to patch it all together, (no thanks to Adobe support), but in the process my Wacom tablet isn't working in Flash the way it used to. I prefer to draw with the brush, not the pencil, but in spite of adjusting every setting I can find, the drawing on the right shows what I'm experiencing: a smoothing and redraw which isn't what my hand is doing.

The drawing on the left is no beauty, but at least it's tracking my hand moves. The one on the right has stylin in mind.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? It wasn't doing the "stylin" thing before the amnesia hit.


Mars Tokyo said...

Maybe you need to download a new WACOM driver for your tablet. Have you tried that? You can get new driver downloads at the WACOM site. I thought mine had stopped working recently and couldn't figure out the problem. Then I realized the stylus that came with the tablet was laying on the floor and I must have picked up an old stylus for a different tablet and put it in the pen holder. It's working fine now.

Namowal said...

Hi Sally,
I suspect you've already tried this, but if you haven't, go to Edit>Preferences and, in the Drawing category, set the "smooth curves" option to "rough" or "none". The "normal" setting does something similar to what you're experiencing.

Sally said...

Hey Mars T, I downloaded the new driver, which was an improvement, but still it makes its own decisions on the line. Namowal, I've got all those settings set to off.

I went over to Painter and can get exactly the line look I want in Painter. I can import those files into Flash as layers so I may try that. Will certainly give a different look.

I'm thinking of doing something where subtle expressions are important, and I don't think that Flash line will do.