Monday, March 30, 2009

Smiley Face Titles

The track is loud be warned.

I found the original files for "Smiley Face" on an external drive deep in the closet. This is how they look in Flash reduced to about 20% of their original size. (Guess I should have put a stop button on it too.) I'm pleased that the color looks as intended, because on the dvd it looks awful. It looks really awful. It looks so awful I could only look at it one time and then put it deep in the closet. The movie went straight to DVD. Greg Araki was very nice to work for. They wanted the timing that fast-- it wasn't my decision.

This was the last animation job I did, and it was in 2007. Mothers, don't send your kids to art school!


Linda said...

Sigh. It's wonderful!

I've been curious about this for so long.

Why why why did the color do something odd on the DVD?

Sally said...

Linda, glad you got to see it in its pretty state as it look like sh@t on the dvd.

I don't know why it looks so badly, though. I'm thinking that when it didn't get a theatrical release, all the post production people went away and no one was timing it. But a print had to have been made which would have been timed. It was done as png exports, and the post production guy seemed very sharp. Dunno. Ask your Flash pal Chris maybe.

Namowal said...

Wow, that's wild stuff.

Your animation is so much more original and imaginative than most of the stuff out there!

stray said...

I love this! Those backgrounds (the city scape et al.) are so much fun, the washing machine, all of it.

Sally said...

Glad you all enjoyed it. The movie is pretty much fun with a couple of hilarious moments.

LynnyM said...

I actually came to this blog because, not too long back, I stumbled upon the film while watching TV one night. I immediately recognized the animator and proceeded to annoy my family by talking about Sesame Street.

It was so fun to see. Bravo! Amazing. Refreshing.

Sally said...

Thanks for your nice comments and for stopping by, LynnyM!