Friday, April 03, 2009

Big Day at Santa Anita

Saturday's the Santa Anita Derby, and the showdown between my favorite horse, The Pamplemousse, who's thinking about winning above, and Pioneerof The Nile, a less impressive horse to my mind. Is The P thinking about extra carrots? Or Kentucky grass? He's already got a sure spot at the Kentucky Derby.

I went for my Friday dollar hot dog and beer and was getting into some betting trouble until the horse I came to see, Aggie Engineer, came in first and wiped out all my losses and then some.

He was ridden by Alex Solis, who rides The Pamplemousse tomorrow.

Here he is walking back from his win, as I called out to the horse like a crazy bag lady.

This is Garrett Gomez, the best jockey in the country. The colors were this intense. I had to get the picture.

He's riding Pioneerof the Nile tomorrow.

Neither horse nor rider was hurt, but I hate seeing things like this. I couldn't believe I got the picture actually. The jockey walked away and the horse kept on racing. I was hoping this horse was going to win, before the race started. I never get action shots. I wouldn't have posted this but I was just stunned that I actually got the moment.

Here's to The Pamplemousse. Let's see him win tomorrow.


Linda said...

Look at The Pamplemousse's hair style!

If Aggie Engineer was ridden by Alex Solis, too, I wonder how much the jockey has to do with winning or losing. So Garrett Gomez is better than Alex Solis? I love Garrett's shirt.

Incredible but horrible shot you got.

Sally said...

He is an incredibly calm horse. I wouldn't have posted the picture if there'd been a bad outcome. Gomez is the winningest jockey in the country; his signature ride is stalking and then running in last to first. Solis is as talented. The jockey has a lot to do with the win, but the horse has to have talent.

stray said...

I'm rooting for the "P"! Interesting post; great pictures.

Namowal said...

I heard the Big P. was scratched from yesterday's race. They were worried about one of his legs or feet. That was disappointing. Then again, I'm glad that they're looking out for P's welfare.