Monday, April 13, 2009

Closet Surprise

I thought this painting never left my Berkeley apartment when I moved out around 1980, so I was quite surprised to find it in a stack of unhung pictures today, deep, deep in the front hall closet.

It tells a story but I'm not sure what that story is.

It's not as yellow as this jpeg and the colors are intense. I painted it around 1974. At the time I was very inspired by watercolor paintings being done by a group of smart women in the East Bay. One of them, Lulu Stanley, is still painting, though I got stuck trying to find an image with google just now.

Can you believe I painted every one of those beads in the beaded curtain? Computers have made me so lazy about results.

Painting measures 8.5" x 11" and is for sale, framed already, for $600.


Namowal said...

I was wondering about the curtain detail before I read about it.
I like the rainbow lamp and the funny dog-esque creature in the corner.
And... can that be...
Kentucky Fried Chicken at their feet??

Linda said...

Sally, this is marvelous & WILD. I was mesmerized by the beaded curtain, too, before I read your post. We need to see this bigger. I can't believe you would have left it (intentionally) in an old apt. I'm glad you didn't.

Edward Parker Bolman said...

Oddly, I seem to have unknowingly reproduced this in a story I drew recently. Exposure to S. C. is making me psychic. Is THIS what's going on?

Sally said...

Be sure you click through to the strip Edward Parker B. mentions. It's delightful, and so are the strips off to the side of his blog.