Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What a time to be flying

On Friday I'm flying to Florida for my father in law's memorial service. Then I'm headed up to New Jersey to visit my mother.

On the radio this morning I heard an interview with a businessman who'd just returned from Mexico. He's been unaware of swine flu, but when he got there he saw crowds of people wearing masks. He got in a cab, and the cab driver offered him a sanitizer. The driver was wearing a mask. He told the business guy there was an epidemic in Mexico. Then he added, "And I don't feel so good myself. But we're not supposed to go to the hospital." Business guy says, "Let me off here."

On his return trip he said the flight attendants passed out health surveys with lots of symptoms to check off. But they never collected them! EEK!

Actually I'm not panicked by swine flu but just would rather not be flying so much. I do hope to see the Kentucky Derby Saturday night.


Linda said...

When I first opened this post, the image was blank with a "START" arrow. So I didn't know what the image would look like in the end. It was really fun when I realized the plane was turning into a shark!!

(I hope that doesn't happen on your trip.)
We don't want you to go.

stray said...

Love the graffiti! Hope your trip goes well. Looking forward to Lexulous when you get back!

Namowal said...

If I had an airplane, it'd defiantly have a wacky face painted on it.

As for flight attendants passing out surveys and never collecting them... yikes! (Maybe they saw people checking off a bunch of stuff and thought Yeah, like we're gonna touch those again!Hope you get to watch the Derby!

Sally said...

Namowal, that's very funny. Dinah says her good pal's bf has swine flu in L.A. So far no cases have been reported in L.A.

Namowal said...

I bet it's a lot of major cities. With so much international travel, how could it not be? Still I think the media is blowing this out of proportion.

Namowal said...

Did you watch the Derby...?

Any truth to the rumor I heard that Mine That Bird won because he was the only horse that wasn't scratched from the race?