Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 2

We saw these gorgeous elk climbing a hill at Woods Lake today. It's a favorite hike for us, but we'd never seen elk there before. The beaver had been busy (it's true, they are) and had done some damming work that flooded the usual trails.

Afterwards we stopped by the Sheriff's office to get hiking passes. With the pass, even if you fall down and require airlift, it doesn't cost anything. Jon fell in the mud today.

We hadn't been to the Sheriff's office before. The office was sort of sanitized and unfriendly. I thought it was queer that they had glossy glamour shots framed on the walls of two women who were murdered in the Telluride area during the last 20 years. One was a famous case, the Uhaul heiress.

We said to the gal at the desk, "This is our first time here." She said, "Be glad you're coming through the front door!"


Linda said...

Oh I'm glad you got the passes. I remember when I first discovered your blog, one of the first posts I read was about a broken/sprained ankle that you had to walk for miles on. That will never happen again of course, but if it does, you can get a free copter ride. Just remember to take your camera so you can shoot some aerials for us.

Namowal said...

Walking for miles on a sprained ankle? Youchers!
Creepy about the shots of the murdered women. What was point? Was it some kind of memorial?

stray said...

visiting a sheriff's office is rather unnerving anyway - delivered drawing to one in a rural area recently. just turned my ankle yesterday but have massage therapy this a.m.

Sally said...

Namowal, sad story of my broken ankle is here:

Namowal said...

I'm back from reading the broken ankle account.
Yeeesh!Some vacation!
At least you're tough enough walk on an ankle broken in two places. Not sure I could pull that off.

stray said...

Ankle sounds so painful! And you passed out!!! I don't know how you got back.

Sally said...

It was an arduous afternoon.