Saturday, May 09, 2009

goofy code

Click on the goofy white symbols. It's just an experiment from a long time ago, but kind of fun to zoom around with. If your computer screen is small it may look better bigger here.


Namowal said...

Interesting toy you got there.
Are these from your postcard collection?
The cat pic looks like something Louis Wain might have done.

Sally said...

Namo, it uses onEnterFrame which is tacky, because it means it's doing heavy computing on every frame, even if nothing's going on. I forget what replaced that, but it's got to be easier on the processor.

So long ago, I forget where I got the images other than the Loch Ness monster. I collected quite a few wonderful photo touched up shots of the monster. Not sure where they are now.

Linda said...

Smiles all around. This is a great-looking post. The see-through colored lines that move on top of the images! The little white symbols are so funny. The images so perfect--that monkey with the cat pendant! But how did you decide to add the colored rules? I would never think to do that. I'm going to start layering transparent colored rules on top of everything I do from now on.

stray said...

it is beautiful. i like the slow motion.

Sally said...

Linda, funny I thought the same thing about the stripes when I looked at it: what got me thinking I want stripes?

Sometimes when I look back over all these old Flash pieces I wonder how come I could never make any money from all that code I learned. oh well.

stray said...

The stripes are wonderful. It seems to be a great way to combine the color with black and white images.