Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green River Utah

wow they have wi fi at this Super 8 motel even though the town is a super sad overlooked old Mormon town with ties to John Wesley Powell's river exploration.

Easy trip listening to cds of Bob Dylan's Theme Time radio shows. Coming down a steep hill into Green River we passed 3 oversize load trucks coming up the hill, and each one had what looked like a brand new gigantic jet wing. Huh? Wish I'd gotten a picture. And why three?

Off to dinner at Ray's Tavern, a spot log popular with old time river rafters.


Namowal said...

Weird about the jet wings.
Is there a military base nearby?
Sometimes I wish real life worked a bit more like a computer GUI, where you can right click mysterious things to find out more.

Linda said...

Hey, there you are! This is exciting! I thought you were going to be driving all the way to your house, eating fried chicken in the car and not even stopping to go to the bathroom.

Sally said...

Namo, the wings do't make sense. Colorado Springs is a big Air force center but that's lower east Colorado, and then there's all that weird stuff in Nevada. They looked like whales from outer space, very organic shape and HUGE!

Linda, we decided what's the rush? Better to see all the flies on the floor in daylight and not drive at night. Off now.

Mean Jean said...

They could have been huge blades for a big windmill. They come in threes and some of those windmills are ginormous.

Namowal said...

I bet Mean Jean is right.

Sally said...

I agree, Namowal, I bet you got that right Mean Jean. They had a much more interesting shape than an airplane wing. Thanks for insight!