Saturday, May 16, 2009

Old Friend Roundup

I was surprised and happy to see this video of my favorite racehorse The Pamplemousse noisily enjoying an apple at Hollywood Park just last week. Youtuber johnchen provided the video. The P was scratched the morning of the Santa Anita Derby and hasn't been heard from since.

Last night I got sent a nice link to an interview with my old pals Bob Armstrong and Allan Dodge talking about their music over the years at Fretboard Journal. About 45 minutes in they talk about working with me. I was trying to find a picture of us this morning but came up empty. Al's all mixed up about the Academy Award stuff but it was great to hear their voices and brought back so many memories.

The Preakness is today, and it would be great if filly Rachel Alexandra won but there are a lot of great horses in there.


Sally said...

ps non horse fans: Rachel Alexandra, a gorgeous filly, won, and second was the gelding (balls cut) who won the Kentucky Derby, ridden by cool California jockey Mike Smith. A very nice day for racing. My favorite part was The Pamplemousse and his apple.

Namowal said...

I was thinking about what The Pamplemousse was up to today when I saw clips or today's race on television.
Looks like he's getting a king's treatment, with a human twirling his apple for him!
Glad I listened to this the sound on- the kid sounded cute.

stray said...

Is there a way to cut straight to 45 minutes into the interview?

Sally said...

I didn't see a way to cut to 45 minutes, but there's a lot of great stuff along the way. These are the guys who (in fact) came up with the term Couch Potato, and they explain how it happened. They'er exceptional musicians.