Saturday, June 27, 2009

French Rabbit

Every week or so when we've driven to Montrose for our groceries, there's been a big sign up outside City Market: "We Have French Rabbit 1 L. Boxes"

French Rabbit? Ooh, sounds kind of down and dirty. What could that be? Are the folks in Montrose getting so citified they order rabbit meat from France in big boxes?

I had to know.

Turns out it's a gloriously packaged French wine in a box that's entirely recyclable and just the thing for campers. We bought a box but haven't tried it yet.


Linda said...

You have a red toaster, too!

From their web site: With French rabbit, only 4% of what you're bringing home is packaging (versus of about 40% of bottled wine). There's no glass, no cork, no lable - just the wonderful wine and the pack. That's why ... a 1L pack for the same price as a 750mL bottle - that gives you about 2 extra glasses of wine.

Oh boy! 2 extra glasses. Hurry up and try it so you can tell us what you think.

Serious question: If their site needs a copy editor desperately, does it make you hesitate to buy their wine?

Anonymous said...

Linda, I knew you would be here, I knew it. The copy editor drinks the wine at his desk, and on up the supervisory chain. He doesn't grow the grapes. Be glad they didn't call it French Hair.
Sally, how does it taste? Are you saving it for a hike?....Katy

Namowal said...

A "juice box" for wine!
Tres clever!

Linda said...

Katy, you're right of course, and that's the way it should be, on up through the chain of command.

(It wouldn't make ME hesitate to buy their wine for one second.)

Still laughing over the French Hair.

Sally, are you going to try it or not? We're waiting.

Linda said...
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Sally said...

Linda, yes, the red toaster, glad you noticed the red theme. whew, the copy seems influenced by the product!

I imagine it's going to hang around for a while before being tasted. I mean we do have friends coming over for an 8:30 hike tomorrow morning but that seems kind of tacky to mix with the expensive trail mix, don't ya think?

Katy, yay, nice to hear from you. French hair is funny.

Namowal, juice box for wine is so funny.