Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot on the Trail

We tried to go for a walk this morning but got rained on so turned around. It stopped raining as soon as we got home. We noticed that the caramel buns I'd put in the meadow yesterday were entirely gone. Hmm...

It looked ominous all day but never rained, so around 4:30 we decided to walk up the cut and back to get some exercise. The cut is the way too vertical trail that takes you to the mesa top.

About 2/3 of the way up it started to rain, of course, but we kept going. We figured in the aspen groves it wouldn't be so bad.

We reached the top, Just over the ridge, and Molly rushed at some dark forms. A herd of cattle! We called her back, and good dog Molly returned, but not without turning around to make sure it was the right decision.

Jon grabbed her by the collar and said, "Take off my belt!" Huh? I thought, then remembered belts can work as leashes. But they were REI [pants with sewn in belt.)

You'd think the cattle would rush off the way elk or deer will, but instead they were moving in on us in a semi-circle! And in the second row a bull was humping a cow while looking at us!! BULL? RUN!

We scurried down that cut in record time. Molly stayed with us. The rain came harder and harder and we squished along home, soaked through. Now the rain has stopped.

(image from my Celestial Seasonings tea box.)


Namowal said...

I knew I'd seen that buffalo before but couldn't place it. That's Morning Thunder, no?
Between your nutty neighbor, bears and bulls, it sounds like you're living in an adventure movie out there. Wow.

prb said...

Maybe lighten up on the Morning Thunder, Sally.

stray said...

wild story!

Sally said...

wow I didn't know the tea was so popular. I just love the package design, although I miss a lot of their old package designs and think they've been changing them too fast.

Linda said...

Load up the car and head straight back to Northridge immediately.

(Did it snow there last night?)

Mean Jean said...

Waaaaaaay more excitement than I had today. Whew.